Nayia Pierrakos

Creator of the Value Amplifier Method

Nayia helps real estate professionals create wealth with more ease by using creative financing

○ Purchased and sold over $40 million in personal real estate

○ Passionate about being a mom of 3 boys while creating wealth

○ On a mission to help 1,000 families become millionaires with real estate

Welcome! I'm Nayia and I am a Spartan mom of 3 amazing boys, real estate investor extraordinaire, coach, mentor and speaker. When I was eleven, I came to the United States from Greece with my family. Because they wanted me to fit in and be more Americanized I started going by Peggy. Today I go by both, however my preference is Nayia.

I decided years ago that my future was in my hands and it was up to me to ensure a good life for my family. I quested for knowledge and spent hundreds of hours and resources on personal, business development, and real estate training programs. I am blessed and feel very grateful to have had and continue to have great mentors who are industry leaders and amazing human beings.

I am a national real estate investment coach/mentor and speaker! I knew when I began this journey that this was my purpose and I am very passionate about making an impact and changing lives. It's a dream I pursue with great excitement. Throughout the last 10 years I invested in the top training programs. I came to realize that they were all missing key elements. No one program was teaching me how to keep a balanced life, or how to improve my whole self.

Happiness and success are not destinations. Life gives us what we expect and what we believe. In order for us to be happy and successful with our business and personal life (our external environment) we first need to overcome the biggest obstacle, ourselves (internally). No one is or will ever be perfect. Based on our environment and the circumstances we were raised in, we all have certain limiting beliefs that unless they are overcome, they will hold us back.

Throughout my life, I have been the happiest and most successful while I am consciously taking action and enjoying the journey. It never ceases to amaze me how people, opportunities, and circumstances show up whenever I'm in this flow.

My desire is to be a catalyst for people so they can be the architects of their lives and design a life they have always dreamt of.

Let's Make Sure Our Values Align






Charity Impact

Through the years Nayia Pierrakos has been an avid contributor to local and global charities. She provided scholarships to local high school seniors and many foundations and charities.

Nayia's a proud member of the Maverick 1000 initiative which, on a global level, supports everything from building villages in Haiti to cleaning our oceans.

Part of our business model is giving and making a difference in our communities and around the world.

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