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"My friend Nayia is a rock star at creative financing."

- Rob Chevez | Founder of GRID Real Estate Investor Network

“Our friend Nayia has been teaching Creative Financing Real Estate to students nationwide, and here in the DMV, since 2015. We're so excited to be students in her amazing coaching program and share her powerful method with our community.”

- Tom & Shari Black | Founders of Facebook Group - Wealth Thru Real Estate: Off-Market Real Estate Network (DC, MD, VA)

Nayia Pierrakos

Creator of the Value Amplifier Method

Nayia helps real estate professionals create wealth with more ease by using creative financing

○ Purchased and sold over $40 million in personal real estate

○ Passionate about being a mom of 3 boys while creating wealth

○ On a mission to help 1,000 families become millionaires with real estate

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