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Close Creative Deals and Grow Your Wealth

"My friend Nayia is a rock star at creative financing."

- Rob Chevez | Founder of GRID Real Estate Investor Network

“Our friend Nayia has been teaching Creative Financing Real Estate to students nationwide, and here in the DMV, since 2015. We're so excited to be students in her amazing coaching program and share her powerful method with our community.”

- Tom & Shari Black | Founders of Facebook Group - Wealth Thru Real Estate: Off-Market Real Estate Network (DC, MD, VA)

Do You Feel Like You're Leaving Money on the Table By Not Having Creative Financing Solutions for Your Clients?

Nayia Pierrakos

Purchased over $30 million in personal real estate

Hi there, welcome to the world of creative financing! My name is Nayia, and over the last 20 years of my real estate career I've learned the most important thing is to have a toolbox of solutions for your sellers.

Real Estate is a people business, and I believe the more we care about other human beings the more wealth will come our way.

So here's my secret: become a Value Amplifier for your clients.

A Value Amplifier is someone who intensifies the degree of value they bring to the people they work with. In this case, it's the sellers, since we want to buy their house. A Value Amplifier is someone who is able to look at another person's situation, see how they can best help them while using their skills, the tools they possess, the resources they have and the people they know. 

Join us for the webinar to learn how to become a Value Amplifier so you can easily attract opportunities, close creative deals and grow your wealth with more ease. I can't wait to see you there!

The 3 Misconceptions about Creative Financing

Creative Deals are Hard to Find (Not True)

When you have the right tools, it's not hard to find creative deals. I will show you the tools I use on the webinar!

You Need to Use Your Own Money (Not True)

Can you believe I've actually been paid to buy someone's house... once you step into the world of Creative Deals, so many things are possible!

You Can't Buy Pretty Houses (Not True)

When you are solution-minded you will have access to opportunities that many people do not... 75% of my purchases have been pretty houses!

Use the Value Amplifier Method for Creative Financing

Have a toolbox of creative solutions ready for your clients which can also make you more money

1. Attract Opportunities

Learn how to help people solve their problems and you will attract an abundance of motivated sellers

(hint: look for people with

problems that need to be solved!)

2. Close Creative Deals

Learn how to structure win/win deals that are so good that sellers refer you to their friends and family

(hint: leverage capital, minimize risk, and bring less of your money to the table)

3. Grow Your Wealth

Have the systems, mindset and beliefs to create your predictable path for financial abundance

(hint: use our proven

multi-million dollar roadmap)

Nayia Pierrakos

Creator of the Value Amplifier Method

Nayia helps real estate professionals create wealth with more ease by using creative financing

○ Purchased and sold over $40 million in personal real estate

○ Passionate about being a mom of 3 boys while creating wealth

○ On a mission to help 1,000 families become millionaires with real estate

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