"Nayia has a passion and vision to transform, empower & help create wealth for others through Real Estate. She readily shares her knowledge and experience to help others truly change their financial lives.

Part of being a Maverick member is the impact you make in the world and giving forward something baked into every interaction...and as a bonus you get her infectious energy and joy."

Yanik Silver

Founder Maverick1000 & Author Evolved Enterprise

"I have had the privilege of working with Nayia for several years in many capacities, including as a one-on-one coach, as a member of my Women's CEO Roundtable community, and as a co-member of a leadership organization.

Nayia has an insatiable thirst for learning and for using what she learns to help others reach their own potential..."

Marissa Levin

Co-Founder, Successful Culture International

“Nayia has an abundance of wisdom and just a lot of deals under her belt. She comes to the table with not just book knowledge but actual real-life experience. And the biggest takeaway that I’ve gotten from the course was the way to structure a deal."

Jamin Van D.

Professional Musician/Songwriter and New to Real Estate

“I found Nayia to have the qualities I look for in people with whom I invest. She was knowledgeable, experienced, and sincere. I found her professional, personable, and humble … consider putting Nayia on your radar if you are interested in the art and profession of real estate and subject-tos.”

Tim M.

Advanced Real Estate Investor and Private Money Lender

“The course gave me confidence each week as I learned something more to build upon what I learned the week before… it gave me an opportunity to increase my confidence.

What I’m going to be doing differently as a result of this course is having confidence in gaining leads and also keeping leads. I think that was one of my issues in the past… the confidence she has given me in this course is going to help establish that.”

James C.

IT Professional and New Real Estate Investor

"Wanted to actually let you know about Nayia and her course that we just finished. She does such an excellent job at laying the foundation for what you need to successfully complete deals and knowing how to help people. She is very well organized and lays it out in a clear and understandable fashion… she provides all the tools, the documents, and the things that you will need to successfully navigate a transaction.

She even provides different ways to be able to structure the deal so it’s successful for you and you’re able to help the client, too. All in all, I highly recommend her class and wishing upon everyone to be able to successfully navigate those creative deals. It’s a great way to invest and she really lays it out well."

Anna J.

Contractor for 20+ Years, Project Manager for National Builder, and Has Worked with Nayia on Many of Her Projects

“I just wanted you to know the level of appreciation I have for the opportunity to take your course. As you know, I've been your contractor for a while, trying to pick your brain from time to time was not always the best opportunity to learn this business. Having worked with you, it has been very insightful and I’ve always tried to figure out this stuff but to have a course to work with, I thought this was the factor that I needed to finally get where I want to go. Using the various tools that you teach us, the contracts that we needed, just kind of helped me transcend to a different level. I just wanted to bring that forward...I know you and you are somebody who has a personal affection for people to be successful.”

The credibility binder, good gracious, that’s the deal maker! … This is the kind of course that I think I could come back to every year and re-evaluate where I am and what I am doing … I really value this, and the exit strategies are a key factor in giving more opportunities… you brought it all together in this course. I just officially wanted to thank you for bringing me forward into my life in North Carolina and I’m enjoying it. I appreciate my success, thank you.”

Mike K.

Contractor for 20+ Years, Project Manager for National Builder, and Has Worked with Nayia on Many of Her Projects

You're so clear with your vision and you are like a magnet. You really visualize it, you manifest it. You have a really good talent with that. That didn't come easy for me. I didn't manifest things when I was starting out. I didn't visualize before I walked through the door. I was probably petrified.

I like your ideas. I like it when you were thinking of the imagery of why you are being protected. That was cool. I’m going to take that thought and apply that.”

Dana S.

Advanced Real Estate Investor for Over 30 Years

“I'm kind of excited because of all the coaches that I went through or the group's that I’ve joined in real estate, they never have the spiritual part of it… the giving and receiving. There was just “wealth, wealth, wealth, wealth.”

I'm a spiritual person and I’m into meditation and all that stuff and no one has ever said anything about that. The past groups that I’ve been, they didn’t cover this part.

I was always fearful. I was doing cold calls but there’s nothing, the fear was still there. And now I just want to move forward instead of just calling myself a real estate investor or a businesswoman, I want to move forward and make an impact.”

Ellie A.

Advanced Real Estate Investor and Private Money Lender

Nayia Pierrakos

Creator of the Value Amplifier Method

Nayia helps real estate professionals create wealth with more ease by using creative financing

○ Purchased and sold over $40 million in personal real estate

○ Passionate about being a mom of 3 boys while creating wealth

○ On a mission to help 1,000 families become millionaires with real estate

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